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October 2013

Collegiate Challenge '13 Home Dedication

The homes of which the last Collegiate Challenge team worked on in Miramar, Florida are being dedicated today, October 19th! Collegiate Challenge is a week long event that occurs over our Spring Break. About 20 students travel to another Habitat affiliate where they spend the week working with a them.

The Franklin, Louima, Murray, and Torres families are very excited to get the keys to their new Habitat Broward homes at their Miramar Home Dedication on Saturday, October 19 at 2 PM! Home sponsors: American Express, BBi, Publix, First Presbyterian Church and Sunbeam/ WSVN invite you to join the celebration. The dedication will be held at 6150 SW 25th Street, Miramar.

They're dedicating their 350th Habitat Broward home in 30 years!