February 2014

February Updates

This month we will be having member build days every Saturday and Restore events as well. We'll soon have a second build site so there are many opportunities to go on a build if you haven’t yet. If you are interested in joining the fundraising division, it's never too late. They have meetings on the 13th and 27th. Member social bowling has been postponed at the moment. When we schedule another date, you can sign up for a spot!

Congrats to Amaanat Gill for being our January Member of the Month and winning the golden hammer! We've also had many members reach active member status with over a hundred nails: Sam Bolin, Khalid Eteer, Amaanat Gill, Lisa Kim, Jason Nazal, Namun Srivastava, and Julia Swan.

In the coming months we have many events planned such as the Community Service Coalition Service Day and also taking part in Detroit Partnership's DP Day. The fundraising division is also planning a benefit dinner with acts from other student orgs so stay tuned for that. In the near future, we hope to have a blitz build some time in the spring and coordinate that with Act! Speak! Build! Week.

It's less than a month till Collegiate Challenge and Habitat is heading east to the Appalachian Mountains to Almost Heaven, WV. Get excited!

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Watch a video about what it feels like to be on a build day from our aMAIZEing Habitat site leader, Paul!