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November 2014

2014 Fun Run Results

Thanks for everyone who came out in the chilling temps to our 10th Annual Fall Frolic 5K Fun Run! Due to scheduling conflicts, we had to reschedule a few weeks later. But this day was very chilly and few came to brave the cold to run a 5K in the Arb!

We would like to sincerely apologize for the route confusion for all of the runners. We will ensure a clear route is presented to all runners next year. The results are found below and congratulations to our winners!

Results from November 2014 Fun Run:

Place Name Time
1 Zachary Carlson 20:08
2 Daniel Agudelo 20:28
3 Evan Yee 20:29
4 Aaron Christensen 22:31
5 Ellery Faller 22:48
6 Lawrence Chen 23:00
7 Naruka Yoshino 23:56
8 Kevin Girbach 25:32
9 Tristan Wright 26:44
9 Teri LaForest 26:44
11 Janet Polidori 35:58
11 Kaitlin Girbach 35:58
13 Pat Holmes -
14 Anne Markiewicz -
15 Carol Sewell -