How To Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Habitat for Humanity at Michigan! For most, if not all of our events, we provide transportation to and from the site where we are volunteering. As a result, we request that you sign up for the events you are interested in so that we can account for you in matters of transportation.

For those of you who are looking to volunteer for the first time with HFHUM, please follow these easy directions:

1) On our main page (, you should see an area denoted as "User login." Click on "Create new account."

2) Continue the registration process on our website.

3) Once you are registered and logged in, click on the "Calendar" tab along the top of our website.

4) Click on the event that you wish to volunteer for.

5) Signups for volunteer events open on the Sunday two weekends prior to the chosen volunteer date. If you click on an event and are able to see the link ”Signup to volunteer," the signups are open and unfilled. Click on that link to register for the event! If there is no such link, signups are either not yet open or have been filled. You can add yourself to our wait list via this form, and a Volunteer Coordinator will contact you if space opens up.

6) If you have signed up for a build please make sure to fill out the waiver at this link:

7) Email us at if you have any further questions!

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please be cognizant of how last-minute cancellations damage our ability to partner with local communities and affect our other members. We require that a minimum of 24-hours notice be given if you are not able to attend for any reason. Please contact if needed. Failure to provide the 24-hours notice may result in the revocation of your access to signup for any volunteer events with Habitat at Michigan in the future. Thank you for your compliance and respect of your fellow volunteers.