Sunday Studs

Stud Finder Sundays

Every Sunday we highlight one of our members in a "Stud Finder Sunday" Article. This is a great way to learn more about the people involved in HFHUM ( ...and possibly find your next stud). Please email Riley Brantley ( if you would like to be featured!

Ashley Elliston

Revathy Kumar

Andrew Brow

Esther Suh

Kate Holmstrom

Evan Yee

Christian Wire

Morgan Meyer

Robby Handa

Amy Yu

Noah Newton

Connie Jiang

Amaanat Gill

Riley Brantley

Danny Cowher

Fundraising Division

Publicity Division

Blake Bellistri

Kalana Athukorala

Robby Handa 2.0

Aislinn Droski

Nazli Tamer

Leah Borst

Matthew Palathingal

Tara Pawloski

Mary O'Byrne

Christian Hurt

Jessica Mosier

Tiffany Wheeler

Anna DiNardi

Amaanat Gill

Julia Swan

Rachel Tucker